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Manhattan Club - 96 Fifth Avenue NYC - 1872

Miller’s New York As It Is, or Stranger’s Guide-book - 1872
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Manhattan Club NYC, 1865 to 1890, in the old Charles Maverick Parker mansion, SW corner Fifth Ave. and W. Fifteenth Street. 


Hell's Kitchen New York - Eleventh Avenue and 54th Street - circa 1920

Steam engine on Eleventh Avenue, running through one of the most crowded neighborhoods in the city. (Milstein Division of United States History, The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations)


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Social Chit Chat Between Competing NY Society Swans Mrs. Charles Maverick Parker to Mrs. Richard K. Haight…Fantasy Society Game - 1855

Woman’s Record; Sketches of all Distinguished Women – NY 1853
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Social chit chat between competing New York Society Swans Mrs. Charles Maverick Parker (Cornelia Vanderburgh Parker) to Mrs. R. K. Haight (Sarah Rogers Haight) …overheard by some at the recent January 17, 1855 "Ladies' Ball for the Relief of the Poor"… being screamed above the music between adjoining boxes at the Academy of Music – “I am queen of New York society dearie...” “But I am the pretty one Cornelia…”


James V. Parker 1830-1917 – Will Contested

James V. Parker (1830-1917), member of the once exclusive Mrs. William B Astor’s society “400”, son of Charles Maverick Parker and Cornelia Vanderburgh Parker, New York’s early 1850s society’s “Mrs. Charles Parker” in her mansion 96 Fifth Ave at Fourteenth Street, later home of the Manhattan Club 1865-1890, his will is being contested per below link:


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Benkard Mansion - SW Cor. 5th Ave and W 15th Street NYC - 1865

(Image above) The Benkard Mansion, Later the Manhattan Club House. S.W. Cor. Fifth Ave. and 15th Street - 1865 - Watercolor by Abraham Hosier  - From the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York -

This is a companion image from the building in the 1850s that Mrs. Charles Parker ran society from, a generation before the so-called “The” Mrs. Astor of the 1880s and 1890s and her list of “400”. 

Supposedly it was this building in Brownstone that made that building material the desired sheathing for all future upper middle class and rich gilded age New Yorkers.

In their day, Mrs. Charles Parker on the SW corner of 5th Ave and 15th Street was a competing society swan with Mrs. R. K. Haight in the Haight mansion opposite on the SE corner of 5th Ave and 15th Street.

Also home of the Manhattan Club from 1865 to 1890.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Kensington Hotel 1901, Formerly Haight House Apartments (French Plan) 1870, formerly New-York Club, Formerly Private Residences, NYC

Advertisement - 1901
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Kensington Hotel 1901, formerly Haight House Apartments (French Plan) 1870, formerly New-York Club, formerly Private Residences, Southeast Corner Fifth Avenue and E. Fifteenth Street, NYC

Hotel Kensington, Fifth Ave. near Washington Square – Photo by Byron Company (New York, N,Y,) – 1904 - From the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York,-Fifth-Ave.-near-Washington-Square.-2F3XC53THVN.html


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