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Judge Henry Alker - Franco American Immigrant - 1820 / 1886

Born in Saint Armand, Department Cher, France. Came to U.S. with parents at age 5. His father a porcelain maker, set up shop in New Jersey. Family moved to Manhattan. Young Henry studied law in law office of Thomas S. Brady. Later studied in law offices of sons James T Brady and John R. Brady. Admitted to bar 1841. Spent a year back in France circa 1842 under care of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann for an eye affliction. Returned to New York practiced law until becoming Judge of the Marine Court in 1859 of which he served several terms before retirement. Denied funeral mass at St. Patick's Cathedral by Archbishop Corrigan for his opposition along with other prominent Catholic Tammany politicians to the Freedom of Worship Act before the NY state legislature which would have forced public funding of Roman Catholic Schools. Funeral at St. Leo's RC church 28th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues. Funeral conducted by Father Thomas Ducey, adoptive son of American jurist James T Brady and burial at family vault, Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, Mott Street NYC.

NY Evening Post 26 Nov 1886

NY Daily Graphic 27 Nov 1886

NY Evening Telegram 26 Feb 1886


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Nathaniel Jarvis Jr on Family Vault at M.E. Church West 10th Street - Truth 22 January 1882


The Hudson–Fulton Celebration from September 25 to October 9, 1909 in New York and New Jersey

The Hudson–Fulton Celebration from September 25 to October 9, 1909 in New York and New Jersey

Electricity played a major role in the celebration, as ships and memorials were illuminated over the course of the two-week celebration. The illumination of the naval fleet on September 25 was followed by a display of fireworks in the evening that reflected off the Hudson River. These fireworks were shot over the naval fleet from the Jersey Shore, so that they could be seen from Riverside Park. The Committee commissioned one company to regulate the fireworks; this would not only ensure a uniform display across the State but also, because the company could set off the fireworks in rapid succession, invoke historic memory of the signal fires that Hudson used to navigate along the coast.
The Commission allocated $83,000 from its budget of $934, 447 for a total of 107,152 illuminations, including various types of lights and fireworks, installed for the celebration; in addition to the town halls and bridges, these lights also illuminated the Statue of LibertyGrant's TombSoldiers' and Sailors' Monument, the Washington Arch, and some museums, like the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. A diversity of light was used to electrify the city. For the Celebration alone, 500,000 incandescent light bulbs were installed, in addition to the other 500,000 incandescent lights already in use around the state. 3000 Flare arcs and 7000 arc lights were used, as well, in addition to searchlights, which lit Grant’s Tomb and the Statue of Liberty. Washington Arch and its surrounding streets were festooned with lights.

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James Topham Brady - 1815 / 1869 - Family Tree of Sorts.

James Topham Brady 1815-1869

"Adoptive Son" Father Thomas J Ducey, 1846-1909

Father Thomas S Brady, 1792-1842

Mother Ann Brady,  ? -1836

Brother Thomas A Brady, 1813-1847

Sister Eliza J Brady, 1819(?)-1839

Brother John R Brady, 1822-1891

Sister Ann(?) "Annie" Brady Moore, ? - ?

Sister Susanna J Brady Moore, 1825-1907

Sister Delia Brady Lane, 1831-1911

Sister Maria Louise Brady Jarvis,  ? - 1900


Dedicated to my great grandmother Mary Brady McShea - born in Pottsville Pennsylvania 1845 - a Brady cousin of sorts. 

Many thanks again to Delancy23 for researching and helping me find Great Grandmom.


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Ann Brady - Wife of Thomas S Brady Esq. - 1836 Obit

New York Spectator 10 October 1836

"Yesterday, ANN, wife of Thomas S. Brady, Esq."

No mention of a funeral. Spectator published on Mondays and Thursday. No doubt a rush to make an entry without final details of funeral worked out. And by Thursday, the funeral already over and reporting on it moot in sparse info age of 1836.


Eliza J Brady - Daughter of Thomas S Brady - 1839 Obit

New York Morning Herald 13 March 1839

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Crew of Great Eastern in NYC 1860 Honored at Banquet Lafarge House - Dinner Speaker James T Brady Esq.

Library of Congress - circa 1860

NY Daily Tribune 7 July 1860

Circa 1860

NY Evening Express 7 July 1860

Great Eastern Docked in NYC 1860 - Pier 11th to 12th Streets and Hudson River

SS Great Eastern