Sunday, March 16, 2014

Undertaker’s Gate – Servant’s Entrance – Dakota House – 72nd Street and Central Park West – NYC – Urban Legend

Servant's Entrance - "Undertaker's Gate" - Dakota House NYC

Of some of the lovely ghosts that call the Dakota House Apartments in New York City their home, I find the one that John Lennon is haunting the most time locked back gate – Original Servant’s Entrance 1884 – to be the place John is taking a smoke outside in the New York hot and or cold along with the seasons, to be rather far fetched.

As urban legends go, I see the same language in at least a dozen blogs and news articles about this alleged backdoor entrance hangout for the late great John Lennon.

If anything, the management and the co-op board want the tourists to keep away from the front door/gate and hang out at a locked gate in back away from that main entrance on Seventy-Second street.



Main Entrance - 72nd Street


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