Monday, April 7, 2014

Philip Gengembre Hubert – Patent – Solar Hot Water Heater - 1901

Not certain if this works on gravity and water pressure or if “plates” mentioned are metal or glass.

In practice I have succeeded in heating the water in the tank to 144 Fahrenheit, and it has fallen by 10 Fahrenheit during the night.

The heater is simple, effective, and may be furnished at-a comparatively slight cost.

It is obvious that slight changes might be resorted to in the form and arrangement of the several parts without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention. Hence I do not wish to limit myself strictly to the structure herein shown and described; but

What I claim is - A solar heater comprising a broad thin heating-chamber having its top and bottom plates so spaced as to spread the water there in into a thin film, thereby causing the entire amount of water to come into close proximity to the one or the other of the plates, a tank, a pipe leading from the lower portion of the tank to the heating-chamber, a pipe leading from the heating-chamber to the upper portion of the

packed as to liquid in the tank, and a draw-off pipe connected-with the pipe leading from the heating-chamber to the-tank,- the said pipe leading from the heating-chamber to the tank being provided with a swing-section supported by a float within the tank.


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