Friday, March 9, 2018

Georgina A Davis - Artist, Illustrator 1848-1925

A self portrait instead of a "selfie" in a man's world of art and illustration, one has to wonder if artist "G. A. Davis" is not flipping her byrd at the conventional way her self-satisfied colleagues, and probably paid more for their work, view themselves but rather how they view a woman in the art world in a group photo of sorts in the 1894 The Quarterly Illustrator. 

Independent and careful to protect her privacy? A person alone in a large city. Her address in The Quarterly Illustrator 1893 lists her home address as West New Brighton in Staten Island, Richmond County, New York. A rural setting then, no house numbers back then near the ferry to "the City".

A veteran of over 100 credited illustrations with the Frank Leslie publications, Popular Monthly, Leslie's Illustrated Weekly and Newspaper from 1880 onward put her reputation as artist on the map even if being a female. 

Her forte, pictures of women in various congregations of the tribe at home and in public.

Her quick eye and memory after stalking the President elect Cleveland's child's nanny in a park in a resort town on a daily baby carriage ride in the sun got her the one up on the guys as to viewing the Presidential Child that Mrs. Cleveland refused all press access to and compiling an sketch from memory of a child in its carriage merged with a photo of Mrs. Cleveland, into a national sensation in the press for a first look at the First Child dubbed "Baby Ruth" Cleveland in Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly Magazine. 


Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly 21 Dec 1893


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